LifeSpace Destuffing: Get Rid of What You Don’t Want to Find Out What You Do

I recently met someone who has been a complete throwback to my travel days.  Random adventuring followed by taller tales, sleeping wherever there’s an open space, and most of your worldly possessions fitting into a few cubic feet.  Anyone who has ever rocked the fancy-free lifestyle knows that the less you have, the less you have to lose…literally and figuratively.

My current home consists of three years of consolidated collecting, especially in an attempt to create “home.”  I sometimes miss the days of this is the best of my three holey shirts.  And as I soon will be transitioning LifeSpaces again, I feel compelled to investigate what I don’t want to find out what I do.

So where to begin when destuffing your life?  You can move through the material and the emotional simultaneously, and anyone who has ever had to move, starting with packing up all of the big, fun things with precious wrapping and care and then moving down to angrily showing all the little leftover frustrations in a box to go with or be left in the free pile can relate.

Declutter the stuff stuff

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing by Marie Kondo challenges destuffers to touch every single owned object in attempt to examine what things inspire joy.  According to Kondo, all those random vacation T-shirts, chipped plates, too-many hand creams, half-finished art projects, old posters, and shoes clothes that haven’t seen the light of day for years can potentially zap your energy.  By holding them and deciding if they bring joy to your LifeSpace, you can decide what truly resonates.

You also give yourself permission to release those things you should hang onto, like the random trinkets gifted that you never truly liked, notes saved from high school, or that way-too-expensive dress that you have never actually worn. You can realize they did all bring you joy at some point and thank them but then send them on their way to make someone else’s space a better place.

Declutter the other stuff

As we move through our lives, we collect material and emotional totems.  A remembered first kiss moment, the last time we held our friend’s hand, the first time our new cats came out from under the bed to look around their new home.  These moments create our inner LifeSpaces.  We also hold onto other things, like the anger for someone we trusted who lied, the friend who ended up not being such a good friend after all, and of course, worst of all, all of the terrible thoughts and ideas against our own selves.

Revisiting these moments inspire us to clean out our emotional mementos.  These are the times of intense housecleaning where we can have a safe space to try on each individual memory.

External and internal cleaning lets us take stock of what we have in our lives and if that truly syncs up with the person we are now and the person we are becoming.  Our homes are what reflects us both inside and out.  Getting rid of what no longer serves you, both materially and emotionally, allows us to decide what it is we truly want to manifest in our lives.  Make your space vibrate at your best level of self and see where you go from there.

Hold five items in your home and see how they resonate.  Please share.

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