Were You Born to Travel?

Did your first savings account have a country you wanted to visit in the title?  Do you dream in multiple languages?  Do you feel safest and strongest and most in your skin on the road with a backpack holding most everything you need in life?

Were you born to travel?

Do you feel more anxiety from the time between destinations than from not knowing if you’ll eat/sleep/get to where you’re going?  Does moving to Africa with a month’s notice sound better than most other things?  Do you cook things you learned in random places while listening to music you found in other random places while drinking wine you tasted in other random places?  Do you know, really know how, to hitchhike/train hop/ walk through mountains?

Were you born to travel?

Have you ever mimed or used animal sounds to obtain something simple like an egg or a Q-tip because you didn’t know the word in the dialect of the country you were in?  Do you have friends from countries most people don’t even know exist?  Do you really know the value of a good travel towel and hiking boots?

Were you born to travel?

Can you sing songs you learned in Andean mountain villages?  Have you ever lived with shamans in the jungle?  Do you know how to navigate through borderlands with no money and no map?

Were you born to travel?

Do you dream of making random ethnic cuisines in other parts of the planet?  Have you seen the stars from different hemispheres?  Do you know the calmness of being lulled to sleep by the movement of the train under you?

Were you born to travel?

Can you fall in love in languages you can’t speak?  Do you know intimate histories of off-the-beaten-track places because the old man in the village told you their stories?  Have you ever danced fire on the streets and sold bracelets to get enough money for a bus ticket?

Were you born to travel?

Do you have at least three maps on the walls of your home?  Do you know the words to silly pop songs because you danced to them in Central European discotheques?  Have you seen the sun rise, standing all alone, on the highest mountain on La Isla del Sol?

Were you born to travel?

Will you remember where your feet have taken you?  Will you know that the stories of places you have walked through make you who you are today?  Will you smile at the memories of epic days filled with too much rain, too little money, being lost in a language you don’t understand, and still being excited to do it the next day?

Perhaps you were born to travel.

Tell me, how do you know you were born to travel.

Image credit: Carolyn Van Lydegraf

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