About Me

Geography and storytelling intrigue me. My deep love of this planet stems from all of my random adventuring, both through physical and emotional landscapes.  My constant curiosity investigates people’s “normal” states of being, which I find to be so particular yet laced with commonalities.

At 14, I started my Backpack-Europe Fund, allowing me to study abroad in Spain at age 20.  From there I was hooked.  In total I have travelled through 29 countries, working with governmental and non-profit agencies in Algeria, South Africa, and Nicaragua while wandering through the other 26 for pure discovery.  My professional engagements have focused on a continued learning/teaching about different people and places through local and international community programs with a goal to foster mutual respect and inspire creativity and imagination.  My latest geographic exploit, a Master’s Degree in Cultural Geography, focuses on examining spatial stories using Qualitative GIS to better understand how experiences of community space create layers of meaning and affect change.

My deepest interests link our outer realities and inner landscapes.  This blog traverses through my own inner understandings and perceptions inspired by places and spaces I have visited in an attempt to better know the world/my world.  My wish for myself and anyone finding themselves in an in-between place in life, is that with a little humor, a little surrender, and a little perspective, we can all allow ourselves to explore (and learn from) our own liminal grounds.

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